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Diane Shauer grew up with three brothers in a southern suburb of Chicago, Illinois.


A diverse set of careers from a lab tech to a real estate consultant then finally working in executive corporate environment, has provided her with a lifetime of study in learning to understand human nature. This fuels her imagination and passion for writing. After taking an extensive writing course, she was hooked on becoming an author, her passion since the age of ten.  


Diane has been writing since the age of ten. Enjoying a variety of genres, her favorites are science fiction, science fantasy and paranormal.


Her first novel published in 2014 titled, Battle of the Blood Moons, shows her passion for imaginative story plots and memorable characters. It is a journey that explores a fictional apocalyptic adventure told through characters that help the human race without them knowing. It opens a world to a raging war between good and evil that will invite the reader to stay on the ride to the very end. 

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